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The Case for Freedom is an investigation into the reality of Freedom and how it has been either embraced or rejected (mostly rejected) throughout human history. Simply put, there is no Freedom to embrace if there are multiple diverse definitions, and especially if Freedom is whatever you want it to be. 

Put another way, is it fair to say that Freedom is a state-of-being? If so, how do we get into that state-of-being and how do we preserve it?

Interestingly, the pursuit of Freedom is the actual solution to pretty much all of Mankind's problems.
Due to the absolute reality and supreme majesty of Freedom, I believe that an understanding of what Freedom is and where it originates from should be the core responsibility of every individual throughout the world. How to live in Freedom should be the primary focus of all parents raising their children; Freedom should be the constant theme of all teachers instructing their students; Freedom should be every individual’s number-one personal goal.
As you will see in The Case for Freedom, for individuals and whole nations worldwide the solution to overcoming mankind’s problems is the proactive embracing of Freedom.

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The Case for Freedom is the primer for anyone wanting to understand Freedom.
 Dr. Karen Kenney PhD,
Coordinator for the San Fernando Valley Patriots

What you've done is SO very important, and the ability to articulate this passion you
show is just superb!  

Geoffrey Kieran, artist

About "The Great Unraveling"

Most Americans know we have a problem, they just have trouble putting their finger on exactly what
 it is. Many are of the opinion that the problem is purely political and has a political solution. Electing
new folks may improve things slightly, then again, the issues are global so, maybe not.

Our rejection of Freedom is a major factor of The Great Unraveling.  One key component of Freedom is Self-Control. But what is the culturally agreed upon basis we embrace for our Self-Control? As you will see, for what is happening there really is no political solution. Well... there is always government control.

Also, The Great Unraveling points out the many things taking place for the FIRST TIME in the history of the world in the areas of 
Money, Culture, Government and Technology. These items are global and create a Catch-22 when looking for a soluition.

The Great Unraveling is emails written betweem March and August 2014 to my family and friends I care about.

The Great Unraveling Updates
are current factual articles tracking what was presented in The Great Unraveling.

Consequences in life, good and bad, take time to play out. Both the book and the Update books have been playing out as presented.  It's not about my opinions. It's not political. It's simply about facts.

I put everthing together in real-time, meaning the items presented are current as each email is being put together. Where we are. How we got here. What's coming.  Are you ready?

Get yourself ready. As you will see the end-game scenarios are very limited for how things will ultimately play out.

You don't have to take my word for it. Check it out for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

As the Unraveling process continues, I wish the best to you and those you care about.
Tim Marshall

The Great Unraveling

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Last Update  12/30/20

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